Internship Requirement

The Professional Internship Course (LA 345) is designed to support the education of students in Landscape Architecture through supervised off-campus work experiences. The intent is to establish close working relationships between the Department and those private offices and public agencies that deal with design, environmental site planning, and management of the landscape. The internship experience will enhance students' educational experiences, strengthen skills related to the area of specialization, and increase professional involvement in the educational process.

Freshmen entering the BLA program in fall 2008 and later are required to complete either a two-semester internship or a one-semester internship combined with a study abroad experience. MLA students are required to complete a minimum of one semester internship, typically completed during a summer.

The Department, along with the School of Architecture and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, sponsor a Career Expo. This event attracts practitioners from across the county who are interested in hiring interns and permanent employees. Firms and agencies interested in participating in the Expo are encouraged to contact the Department by phone (217-333-0176).

More information, as well as current internship positions, may be found on the Department Server in the Department Information Internships subfolder.

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