Minor in Landscape Studies

The Minor in Landscape Studies enables students to gain considerable knowledge of the ecological, social, cultural and historical factors that have shaped landscapes of the western and non-western world.  Students interested in integrative studies of the natural, cultural and built environment, and those concerned with landscape as context for art and design, will develop a comprehensive theoretical framework for work in their major field of study.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 17 credit hours from the following three categories is required for completion of the minor:

Studies of the Professions Engaged in Landscape Inquiry (2 hours)
Course Credits
LA 101 Landscape Experience, Inquiry and Design 2

Studies of the Professions Engaged in Landscape Inquiry (minimum 6 hours)
Course Credits
LA 212 Water and Society 3
LA 250 Ecological Factors in Design 3
LA 270 Behavioral Factors in Design 3

Study of Historical and Cultural Landscapes
(minimum of 9 hours, 6 hours at the 300 level)
Course Credits
LA 215 American Cultural Landscapes 3
LA 218 South Asian Cultural Landscapes 3
LA 220 African Architecture and Urbanism 3
LA 222 Islamic Gardens and Architecture 3
LA 242 Nature and American Culture 3
LA 314 History of World Landscapes 3
LA 315 History of Modern Landscape Architecture 3
LA 390 Independent Studies (check with Advisor for sections that credit to the Minor) 1-6

Students would be permitted to substitute one course from category 3 for one of the courses in category 2.   Students would also be permitted to substitute one course from a related department (e.g., Anthropology, Geography) upon the approval of the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator in the Department of Landscape Architecture.


Students with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and completion of the campus Composition 1 requirement are eligible for admission.  Admission to the minor will be competitive, and requires the student to declare their intentions by submitting a Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus Approved Minor to the Department of Landscape Architecture's Assistant Head.  Students may take courses in the program from freshman year until such time that allows completion of the minor before their final authorized term as determined by their major area of study.


Advising will also be conducted by the Department’s Assistant Head.


Students must comply with any prerequisite requirements of courses to be taken under this program.

Certification of Successful Completion

The college office in which the student is enrolled will certify successful completion of the minor.