Faculty Projects

Faculty are constantly involved in collaborative projects with other university disciplines, national and international agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and the private sector. A selection of recent projects, symposia and colloquia organized by Landscape Architecture faculty are highlighted here.

India Projects image India Projects

Amita Sinha has studied and prepared site plans for conservation of cultural heritage of many historic sites in India in collaboration with her colleagues, students, and various organizations. They include Sarnath, Taj Mahal, Champaner-Pavagadh in Gujarat, Govardhan Hill in Braj, Orchha in Bundelkhand, and Amber in Rajasthan.
Local Intelligence Symposium poster Local Intelligence Syposium
Organized by Gale Fulton

The Local Intelligence Symposium which took place on November 6, 2009, gathered University of Illinois faculty members from a wide range of departments and fields of study to foster trans-disciplinary discussion and lay the groundwork for future research and collaboration in areas such as environmental sustainability, cultural production, globalization, and more.
Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities Logo Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities
Dianne Harris, Director

The IPRH was established in 1997 to promote interdisciplinary study in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. The IPRH grants fellowships to University of Illinois faculty and graduate students, organizes numerous lectures and panel discussions featuring University of Illinois faculty and visiting scholars, coordinates and hosts an annual symposium and workshop dedicated to the works of the IPRH Fellows, provides financial support to faculty and graduate student reading groups, sponsors exhibitions by campus and visiting artists in its lecture hall, and hosts a yearlong film series coordinated with its annual theme. The IPRH also offers Odyssey Project courses and works with the Education Justice Project.
Education Justice Project image Education Justice Project
Rebecca Ginsburg, Director

The Education Justice Project, established in 2007, is working with area correctional facilities and University of Illinois faculty to bring awareness to the need for in-prison education programs and to establish college credit courses for incarcerated individuals.
Machu Pichu Collaborative for Cultural Heritage and Museum Practices (CHAMP)

CHAMP is an interdisciplinary collaborative at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the critical study of cultural heritage and museums in the global context. CHAMP's principal goal is to critically examine the articulation and representation of cultural identity on local and worldwide scales and to interrogate theories of heritage and museum practice that emerge from them.
Krannert Art Museum CHAMP sponsors yearly conferences:
Cultural Heritage and Human Rights (March 10-11, 2006)
Intangible Heritage Embodied (March 30-31, 2007)
Heritage Cities (March 7-8, 2008)
Contested Cultural Heritage in a Global World (April 24-25, 2008)
Pseudo-Science, Erasure, and Exclusion (April 10, 2009)
Environmental Horizons Sustainablility Summit Poster Environmental Horizons Sustainability Summit
This April 23-24, 2008 event, sponsored by the Environmental Council and the Provost, showcases campus initiatives focussing on the environment and sustainability. Speakers include Richard J. Jackson and Majora Carter.
Shalamar Poster Cultural Heritage Conservation in South Asia: The Three Shalamar Baghs.

This workshop convened leading conservation architects to identify common issues and priorities for landscape heritage conservation theory and practice in South Asia. Issues discussed included conflicts between heritage preservation and modern uses, contested site histories, legislative and institutional barriers to effective conservation, and conservation as a stimulus for economic regeneration of local communities. The panel met on Nov 1, 2007 and focused on cultural heritage as represented in historic gardens in Srinagar, Lahore and Delhi. It was held in conjunction with the India 60 symposium on November 2-3, 2007 at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.
African Architectural History Today Colloquium African Architectural History Today

African Architectural History and the Undergraduate Curriculum, a colloquium organized by Rebecca Ginsburg and sponsored by the Center for African Studies, the Department of Landscape Architecture, and other university units, was held at the Illini Union December 1-3, 2005.
2004 LAF Conference - Chicago, Illinois PLACES OF POWER: Economic and Political Driving Forces of Landscape Change, September 10-11, 2004, Chicago, IL
This international conference hosted by the Landscape Architecture Foundation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects will discuss how the following forces will reshape our world and practice! – Real Estate Markets, Regional Trade, Global Financial Institutions, Urban Politics and Citizenship, Social Movements and Change, Rural Livelihoods in Developing Countries, Regional Political Institutions and Landscape Ecology, International Landscape Policies in Europe and North America.
Constructing Race: The Built Environment, Minoritization, and Racism in the United States
This March 5-6, 2004 symposium organized by Dianne Harris examined the relationship of the built environment to the reinforcement of social constructions of racial identities and modalities of racism. Its focus was on the everyday spatial apparatuses that reflect, reinforce, and even create racially based practices of exclusion, oppression, minoritization, and privilege in a variety of realms. Invited speakers included scholars whose works focus on environmental justice, cities and public spaces, housing, and landscapes.
Experiencing the Landscape Colloquium Poster Experiencing the Landscape: Intersections Between the Cultural and the Personal
This colloquium was held on February 27, 2004 in honor of Professor Emeritus Robert B. Riley. Featured speaker was Lucy Lippard, with respondants Kenneth Helphand, Helaine Silverman, Achva Benzenburg Stein and Rachel Leibowitz. For information, visit the colloquium website.
Landscape and Vision Symposium Poster Landscape and Vision Symposium
This two-day symposium organized by Dianne Harris took place on October 4-5, 2002. It served to launch the Department's Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture (History and Theory Concentration).
The Landscape and Vision Symposium took the act of seeing and perception as its point of departure, paying particular attention to landscape reception and perception. Its scope was broad, geographically and temporally, with topics ranging from antiquity to the present. Landscapes are subject to the discriminating eye of the beholder and to what some scholars have called the social construction of vision. Each speaker examined a particular place and time and the way habits of perception shaped both the designed landscape and the viewer's perception of that place.