Dianne Harris

Director, Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities
Professor of Landscape Architecture
Affiliate appointments in the School of Architecture, Program in Art History, Department of History, Program in Jewish Studies, and Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Principal Investigator, Humanities Without Walls consortium


Research Interests

I am a historian who specializes in studies that focus on the built environment. My most recent scholarship examines postwar houses in the United States between 1945 and 1960, and the history of suburban development during that period. It also focuses on the relationships that exist between what I and others call "race and space," which means that I am interested in the role buildings, landscapes, and cities play in the construction and reinforcement of ideas about belonging and exclusion that are based on socially produced notions of race and racial identity. I also have expertise in the architecture, landscape, and urbanism of the Italian Peninsula, 1600-1800; and in the history of western cultural landscapes from 1400-present.

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