Department Charrette and LA 100th Anniversary

Department Charrette

The Department sponsored an intensive three-day charrette on October 21-24, 2008 that focused on a two-mile stretch of Windsor Road that extends from Neil Street in Champaign to Race Street in Urbana. Teams developed alternative visions for this southern gateway to the University of Illinois campus. This important transportation corridor includes a complex mix of uses such as "South Farms" agriculture research, university athletic facilities, an arboretum, commercial interests, and housing.

Designers from seven leading landscape architectural design offices from across the country participated in the charrette and provided guidance to multi-level (sophomore to graduate) student teams in preparing concepts for site development. The participating offices included:

  Conservation Design Forum, Elmhurst, IL
  EDAW, Irvine, CA
  JJR LLC, Chicago, IL
  Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. , New York, NY
  Olin Partnership, Philadelphia, PA
  oslund.and.assoc., Minneapolis, MN
  Stoss Landscape Urbanism, Boston, MA

In addition, key stakeholders from campus and the community were invited to offer commentary at the kick-off reception on Tuesday, October 21 and the final project review on Friday, October 24.

View images showing the processes and conclusions of the charrette here or download an electronic copy (13.7 MB pdf) of the 2009 published report "Windsor Road Corridor Design Study: A Design Charrette" edited by M. Elen Deming.

LA 100th Anniversary

The final charrette presentations kicked off the Department of Landscape Architecture 100th anniversary celebration on October 24-25. This event provided the opportunity for alumni, former and current faculty, and friends of the Department from across the country to gather and celebrate the department's long and distinguished history. Two days of events included a reception, an alumni and student exhibition, the announcement of a traveling fellowship given by the classes of 1957 and 1958 in honor of Chuck Harris, the announcement of a scholarship fund created in honor of Professor Gary Kesler, a lecture by Gary Kesler on the history of the department, two panel discussions, a barbeque, and campus and area tours.

"Cultivating Breadth: 100 Years of Landscape Architecture" Book Cover As part of the celebration, Professor Gary Kesler authored "Cultivating Breadth: 100 Years of Landscape Architecture at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign." This book details the history of the Department and outlines many of the significant contributions made by faculty and alumni to advance landscape architecture and landscape architecture education. While supplies last, copies of this book may be ordered through the Department of Landscape Architecture. To download an order form, please click here.
"The Teaching of Landscape Architecture" Book Cover The department also reprinted Professor Stanley White's, "The Teaching of Landscape Architecture" for the anniversary celebration. Originally printed in 1953, and later reprinted by the ASLA Council on Education (1972), this book is a rare and valuable collaboration of Professor White and other outstanding educators of the time. Professor White's teaching had an immense impact on his students and landscape architecture educators. Although originally written in the 1950s, many of the topics and issues raised within its pages are still relevant today. While supplies last, copies of this book may be ordered through the Department of Landscape Architecture. To download an order form, please click here.
"The Teaching of Landscape Architecture" Book Cover Following a three-day design charrette that kicked off the Department's 100th anniversary celebration in 2008, Department Head M. Elen Deming documented its participants, processes, and products in "Windsor Road Corridor Design Study: A Design Charrette." This book acts as a portfolio of the charrette event by capturing its most important highlights of the remarkable array of ideas and approaches. A digital copy of the published report (13.7 MB pdf) is available for download or, while supplies last, a paper copy is available for free when ordering one of the other 100th anniversary publications (Cultivating Breadth or the Teaching of Landscape Architecture). To download an order form, please click here.