Prospective Graduate Students
(MLA Program)

The Department of Landscape Architecture is limited as to the number of new students it can enroll each year. Consequently, the MLA admissions process is highly selective and aims to identify students best qualified for and suited to graduate study at the University of Illinois. All applications are reviewed by the MLA Admissions Committee and ranked based on academic record, professional and personal background experiences, statement of intent, portfolio (when required), letters of reference, standardized test scores, and overall fit with the resources and strengths of the Department and University.

For consideration, the completed application must be received by no later than 5:00pm (i.e. 17:00) Central Standard Time on January 15th previous to the fall semester of expected matriculation.

Admission decisions are never made prior to the application deadline. Applicants with undergraduate grade-point averages below 3.00 are rarely considered, and their admission requires special petition by the Department to the Graduate College. Applicants are advised of admissions results by or before April 1. Given the structure of the curriculum, students must begin terms of study in the fall semester. Accordingly, applications for spring semester matriculation are rarely considered.